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Appointment of Prestwick Academy Board of Directors

We couldn't be happier to have a new 'Board of Directors' within Prestwick Academy. This group of students will feed into our strategies for the future, our programme of events, and play a vital role in the charity's work going forward.


The current pupils of Prestwick Academy are the future of our community, and the Broadway's future audience! Learning from those that the Broadway will serve for generations, to ensure that their cinema is built for them, will be crucial to our project's lasting success. The Broadway is imminently about to enter community ownership for the first time in its history. We are all collectively within touching distance of owning a cinema, all of us! For the young people of Prestwick, we aim to ensure they will have a lasting voice in their building's future.


We aim for the Academy board to return annually, to be formed by the new sixth-year school captains and anyone else in the year group with an interest in supporting the project, being passed on each new school year. Each Academy board member will be remembered in the Broadway of the future, and our partnership with our local school will remain for years to come, even when the Broadway is fully open and operational once more.

The inaugural Academy board for the Year of 2024 consists of Lewis Duncan, Rosie Wallbanks, Bex Beattie, Belle Wilson, Ivy McDonald, Lewis Henderson, Maria Bowie, and Elliot Hollas.


School captains Lewis and Rosie have said the following:


"We are overjoyed to be part of the reopening of the broadway. As a school, to be involved with such promising projects in the local community is so exciting. We have thoroughly enjoyed working closely with the team so far and we look forward to all future projects with Friends of the Broadway."


Before this school term finishes we are actively planning some exciting engagement opportunities together, which we will be very excited to share soon! Come this summer, our first ever board will step down as they move onto university, college, and future employment, and we hope that when they visit the Broadway years from now they will be able to feel proud of the part they have played in helping us all achieve our dream.


And then in August we will welcome a new board, as the journey continues towards a hugely exciting second half of 2024 and beyond!

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