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Visit to the Projected Picture Trust

Updated: May 8

On 20th April, the Broadway projectionists were thrilled to attend the Annual General Meeting of the Projected Picture Trust in Halifax!

The PPT was founded to preserve the art of cinema projection, to ensure that these amazing machines and the knowledge of the projectionists past is not forgotten for future generations. Today, they have the largest collection of analogue film projectors in the country!

Truly incredible archives that feature every model of projector imaginable, including several of the Broadway's very own Gaumont-Kalee Type 20s, many in full working condition. We also saw for the first time the Ross-London models the Broadway featured upon opening in 1935, as well as endless other examples of our ever-growing projector line-up, and rare models from as far back as the 1900s!

 We are delighted to be developing an official partnership with the PPT, with support from leading nationwide experts on our operations in the future, and a massively exciting collaboration for the Museum of Scottish Cinemas on the horizon. Thank you to the chair Nigel Wolland MBE, our very own David Ferguson, and everyone at the Trust for welcoming the Broadway with open arms!

We can't wait to see what the future holds.

The magic of film is alive and well!

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