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Building Update: An Extra Dose of Camel!

If you're a regular peruser of our door display at The Broadway, you may have noticed a refreshed element and new look.


Our new bunting pays homage to an interesting motif that was built into the bones of the Broadway itself. An Art Deco design of a camel which appears in six original metallic gold air vents, within the ceiling of the main auditorium. But why a camel?

During the 1930s Art Deco was the height of architectural style and class. At the same time, the world was experiencing a new found fascination with travel and different global cultures. Although only the rich and famous could afford air travel, the arrival of the airplane contributed greatly to this, with working people dreaming of lands beyond the horizon. One of the most revered cultures at the time was Ancient Egypt, in part also thanks to the hype around the Archaeological discovery of Tutankhamun and other sarcophagi in the 1920s.


Alister MacDonald took inspiration from this when designing the interior of the Broadway, creating what would be the cinema's most unique and characterful feature! Built into the ceiling of the auditorium were six air vents styled with a camel motif all painted in metallic gold! The camel design is Art Deco itself and the vents are a wonderful signature addition to the Broadway's auditorium.


All six camels survive in near perfect condition and of course will be preserved and restored for the Broadway's future!


Don't forget to visit our Door Display, or visit the News section of our website to keep up to date the project.

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