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The Roadshow August Recap

Updated: Apr 4

Thank you all for a record-breaking weekend of film!

We are ecstatic to announce that this month's Roadshow weekend has smashed all previous Broadway records for film attendance, with a staggering 439 tickets sold across the previous three days! We have also set new records for the highest attendances at a single screening, for a chosen film, and across a single day of pop-up cinema performances. We can never thank you enough for your incredible support!

We have shown stronger than ever before that Prestwick has a passion for film, as the Broadway's future audience continues to grow. Cinema is well and truly back in our community and we can't wait to continue our journey with you! More Roadshow announcements and recaps from the weekend will be coming in the very near future so stay tuned, and once again, thank you for everything!

And hey, records are made to be broken...

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