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Visit to Last Screening at ODEON Ayr

Updated: Apr 4

Yesterday we said farewell to a longstanding neighbour.

A group of the Broadway team attended the last ever screening of ODEON Ayr in Screen 1, and one last time enjoyed a film in the old balcony of the ODEON's auditorium. Originally seating 1,732, Ayr's longest operating cinema opened on 30th July 1938, just three years after the Broadway, and has continued to serve our communities for 85 years.

We remain committed to ensuring that cinema's absence in South Ayrshire is merely temporary. The struggles of the multiplex bear no reflection on the ever-growing and thriving neighbourhood cinema sector, and we stand uniquely placed to bring a truly special cinema experience back to our area. Memories of the ODEON will last forever, and the Broadway can help keep those memories alive.

We truly hope and strongly believe that the building can still have a positive future, and that a restored Broadway Cinema for Prestwick can co-exist peacefully with a friendly neighbour in the heart of Ayr. For now our thoughts are still with the management, staff and loyal patrons of ODEON Ayr and we wish them all the very best of luck for the future.

Cinema will return.

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