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Projector Donations Continue at Carlton Bingo Stirling

Updated: Apr 4

We are delighted to announce our return to Carlton Bingo in Stirling to continue our collection of donated projection equipment!

Our first visit in March to the former Allanpark Cinema heralded the dawn of a new age for our heritage collections and vision for the Museum of Scottish Cinemas in the Broadway of the future. On that first day we saved a remarkable collection of long disused 35mm film equipment and small pieces of Stirling's cinema history. Today, we continued that journey!

We have begun the disassembly of two Westrex 2001 35mm film projectors, with Strong lamphouses and Westrex tower systems! These projectors stopped showing film at the Allanpark in 2008, and remarkably despite only powering down 15 years ago, had been in operation in Stirling for over 70 years! We will soon bring them back to life in Prestwick.

Once back in our projectionist's workshop they will be fully restored to working condition, either to be recommissioned for public exhibition, or displayed for decades to come. Thank you once more to Carlton Bingo for their incredible generosity, hospitality, and support!

Moments like these are always tinged with a certain sadness at preparing to take items away from their homes. Yet we will forever respect their history, origin, and journey. We will now give them a home where they will be preserved for generations! Their spark reignited, their spirit restored!

Ending the year as we mean to go on!

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