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Welcome to the official community feedback survey of Friends of the Broadway Prestwick!

Our community is at the forefront of everything we hope to achieve together. The Broadway is your cinema and we want to know your visions for its future. We would greatly appreciate you taking the time to answer the questions below and we will take every thought, idea and opinion into account.

Thank you!

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This is your opportunity to have your say on the future of the Broadway. We will take every submission into account and your feedback will be crucial to our success. Community engagement will be at the forefront of our entire project and this survey will reflect the wishes of all those who hope to see the Broadway return to Prestwick once again.

To note, Friends of the Broadway Prestwick will not share your information to any third parties and you will not receive regular automated mail from us upon submission of this form. If you wish to engage with us further, please do check out our official membership page

Required questions are marked, any other questions you can complete voluntarily. Thank you again for taking the time to complete this survey and we can't wait to hear your own visions for the project.
The future of the Broadway belongs to you!

Would you visit The Broadway Cinema?
How would you travel to the Broadway?
Did you ever visit the Broadway in the past? If so, for what purpose did you visit?
What type of cinema would you like the Broadway to show? (Please tick all that apply)
Would you be interested in attending special vintage screening events? (35mm film, intermission, usherettes, etc.)
Would you be interested in attending live theatre performances in the Broadway?
Would you be interested in attending live music performances in the Broadway?
Would you attend an annual film festival held in the Broadway?
If there were a communal area with comfortable seating, free WiFi, charging stations, etc. would you use this space?
If there were rentable meeting spaces available in the Broadway, would you use these facilities?
If the Broadway were to feature a community garden at the rear, would you like to visit it?
How important is heritage preservation to you?
Would you be interested in visiting a Museum of Scottish Cinemas in the Broadway in the future?

Thanks for submitting!


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