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Welcome to the story of 
Prestwick's first film festival!

In 2019 we were successful in receiving funding from Regional Screen Scotland's Local Film Festival Challenge Fund. This funding enabled us to create and host the first ever Prestwick Film Festival.

Nine films in five days across three different venues in the town, the event was a wonderful success with hundreds of tickets sold and a delightful variety of films on offer.

We were to delighted to announce too that Prestwick Film Festival will one day return as an annual event in the Broadway itself. Becoming a key event in the community calendar every year!

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The first Prestwick Film Festival in 2019 was a wonderfully enjoyable event to host! A milestone moment for Friends of the Broadway Prestwick, it was an operation on a huge scale and the efforts of all board members, volunteers and venue hosts to ensure the whole event ran smoothly was a remarkable achievement.

We would like to once again thank everyone who took part in the event with a special thank you to all our volunteers who helped out during the screenings. Former directors and founders of the project Colin and Leica took on the majority of the planning and organisation for the event and their incredible efforts will have a lasting legacy for the film festival and the Broadway's future. One last thank you too to everyone who bought tickets and came along to the screenings, we will always be eternally grateful for your support and we remain resolute in our aims to bring back the festival in the Broadway itself.

The future of Prestwick Film Festival has unlimited potential and the scale, format and theme can be taken in a wide variety of exciting new directions.

We can't wait to bring back film festivals one day soon!

Prestwick Film Festival Poster.jpg

We created a unique custom brand for the first Prestwick Film Festival, designed in-house by our director Kyle Macfarlane.

For the film festival we wanted to maximise advertising potential in the town, raising awareness for the screenings in advance of tickets going on sale and therefore we created a selection of banners, posters and flyers to distribute across businesses who are in support of the group and the event.

The logo and branding created takes inspiration from vintage film reels and plays on the imagery of Prestwick's coastal location, with overlapping waves created from the reel design and the "i" in Prestwick dotted with a vintage spool design too. The colours matched the official colours of Friends of the Broadway Prestwick and the branding was mirrored across all media for the event.

A flexible ticket design was also created with sections for the film chosen, ticket type, time and date, etc. to all be entered manually, with a venue map on the rear of the ticket highlighting the three venues used during the festival.

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