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University of the West of Scotland Collaboration Announcement

We are absolutely delighted to announce an official collaboration with the University of the West of Scotland!

A group of second year filmmaking students, led by lecturer and filmmaker Alex Frenguelli, are currently developing a short documentary on the Broadway for their first project of the academic year! The documentary is inspired by the theme 'More Than a Job' and will focus on the people behind the project, the connection the Broadway has to the community, and the positive impacts its upcoming restoration will bring.

Filming has already begun and if you are visiting our Foyer Open Weekend next week during Prestmas then you may be able to meet the team at UWS and even participate in the feature! More details will revealed soon and we can't wait to see the finished product. Thank you to Alex and the team for all their hard work, passion, and commitment to showing the Broadway's story!

Engaging our younger generations is a joy!

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