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The Broadway Pop-up Cinema Roadshow Announcement

Updated: Apr 4

We are delighted to announce the official relaunch of our pop-up cinema programme as The Broadway Pop-up Cinema Roadshow!

We are massively expanding our pop-up operation for the remainder of 2023 and beyond, bringing cinema to your community in the name of the Broadway as we've never done before! We will be showcasing the latest blockbusters, hosting amazing special events, upgrading our equipment, travelling around Ayrshire, and all whilst working alongside over 30 new volunteers! We are also moving our primary venue to Prestwick Academy, upgrading to a 300+ seated auditorium and collaborating with the school and other organisations throughout the year.

The nature of the rebrand is in the name! Our Roadshow will be coming to Ayr, Troon, Girvan and more, as we aim to expand our outreach and bring cinema to more of the communities that the Broadway will serve proudly in the future. More major announcements are coming soon and our first event under the Roadshow branding will be announced this weekend!

Pop-up Cinema is back!

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