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Temporary Roof Repair Commenced

We are absolutely delighted to announce that today marked the beginning of a temporary repair of the Broadway's roof, with the work being completed by Farden Contracts of Ayr!

The repairs will be completed this week and mark a milestone moment for the Broadway, ensuring that our cinema will become wind and watertight once more, protecting its condition until the time comes when our full restoration begins, and a newly constructed roof takes shape. We would like to thank David and James for their incredible efforts thus far, as Farden Contracts will have played a vital role in preserving the Broadway for future generations.

We would also like to send enormous thanks to Buzzworks, who have been incredibly supportive, co-operative, and engaging during this period. Without their support, these initial preservation works would not have been possible, as we have now taken a major step towards halting any further deterioration of the building. The work carried out this week will include all cracks, gaps, and broken panels sealed across the entire auditorium roof, which is original to 1935, along with a full gutter clearance and repair. The Broadway's pipes will flow freely for the first time in decades!

We will fear the rain no more!

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