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Social Media Mini-Series: Preserving our Past

Updated: Aug 12, 2023

It's time for our sixth official mini-series to begin: Preserving our Past! This series will take you on a tour of the interior of the Broadway as it remains today, showcasing what still remains from the days of cinema long past.

The tour will cover the best remaining features including the original ticket booth in the foyer, the wonderfully unique camel air vents of the auditorium and the time capsule that is the projection room! Heritage preservation is incredibly important to us and is at the forefront of everything we want to achieve for the Broadway's future. Everything you will see across this series we will do our upmost best to save, preserve and restore to shine once again when the Broadway's doors finally reopen to the public once more. Care will be taken in the renovation process to protect the interior design features that are still in salvageable condition, with the aim of preserving as much as we can of Alister MacDonald's beautiful original designs of the cinema.

Enjoy the tour!

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