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Social Media Mini-Series: Other Cinemas of Ayr & Prestwick

Updated: Aug 12, 2023

It's time to begin our third mini-series for our official social media accounts: Other Cinemas of Ayr & Prestwick!

This will be an 8-part series with each post showcasing photographs of the other former cinemas of Ayr and Prestwick. All the information and photographs shared here featured in our official history exhibition that was first shown at Doors Open Days 2021, and new posts will launch on our social media accounts every Sunday for the next eight weeks!

We love to hear your stories and recollections of visiting the Broadway, and with that we also know that those fond memories of cinema extend to the Broadway's neighbours too. Between Prestwick and Ayr, the golden age of cinema brought 8 cinemas to choose from across both towns, with each picture house having it's own personality and atmosphere. This series is where we shed the light of nostalgia on our former neighbours in the hope that we can bring back happy memories and also show what once stood where across our communities.

Come take a trip down memory lane with us!

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