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Social Media Mini-Series: On This Day

Updated: Aug 12, 2023

We are delighted to begin the fourth official mini-series on our social media accounts: On This Day!

On a site visit to the Broadway in 2005, a group led by Scottish Cinemas discovered a vast archive of documentation, letters and cinema memorabilia that provided a rare and remarkable insight into the Broadway Cinema of the past. The mini-series Letters to the Manager that is currently releasing every Wednesday showcases the highlights of this collection, that is now in the safe hands of the National Library of Scotland's Moving Image Archive at Kelvin Hall in Glasgow.

Some of the key parts of this incredible piece of cinema history include vast records of programmes, showcasing the film schedules for full weeks and months of the year, and income and expenditure reports that as well as showing fascinating detail into the running of the cinema, also list the films on show that week. From these records we have been able to compile a wonderful list of the top films of the era, true classics many of which are still incredibly famous and fondly remembered to this day!

This series will shed a light on those classics, with each post showcasing a film that was shown on the very same date in the Broadway itself, including the year it was shown and a brief synopsis of the film in question! The time period the films were shown ranges from 1955 to 1965, with some very special marquee showings included!

So join us on a trip back to the Broadway of the past and tell us - have you seen the film? Did you enjoy it? Would you like to see it shown again in the Broadway of the future?

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