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Social Media Mini-Series: Notes from the Projection Room

Updated: Aug 12, 2023

We are delighted to announce the beginning of our first official social media mini-series: Notes from the Projection Room!

Notes from the Projection Room will be a 10-part series showcasing a remarkably rare inside look back in time to the projection room of the Broadway during the golden age of cinema. The projection room of the Broadway today is virtually untouched since the last film showed in 1976, with our two Gaumont-Kalee projectors still standing proud overlooking the former auditorium.

In this series you will learn what it took to bring the magic of film to cinema audiences all those years ago, with in-depth looks into all major pieces of equipment, exactly how each would have operated and how they all came together.

This series was made possible by our director and chief projectionist Guy Walker, Guy's insight has been fantastic to have and his enthusiasm to bring our projection room back to life once again is invaluable to drive our project forward. New posts will release every Monday for the next ten weeks only on our social media channels to make sure to follow us there!

Come on a trip back in time with us!

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