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Projector Donations from Carlton Bingo Stirling Complete

Yesterday we said farewell to our friends at Carlton Bingo Stirling one last time, as the Allanpark's old Westar 2001 projectors finally returned to their new home in the Broadway!

Five trips, seven flights of stairs, and countless coffees to fuel our projectionists. From our first trip in March 2023, it has been a herculean task to return the Allanpark's full 35mm projection set-up to Prestwick, and sixteen months later our journey is complete.

 We would like to thank once again the amazing team at Carlton who have been overwhelmingly welcoming and supportive of our project. The Westar projectors including their Super Lume-X lamphouses, Premier rewind benches, T&R rectifiers, Westrex towers, and even the older Peerless Magnarcs will all be brought back to life in the Broadway Cinema of the future!

The art of analogue projection is at the heart and soul of all we hope to achieve. The forgotten trade of projectionists will be revived and new generations will be taught skills that otherwise may be lost to history. Any equipment not showing film will still be available to the public to view, learn from, and interact with in the nation's first Museum of Scottish Cinemas. The equipment from the Allanpark will play a crucial role in bringing those dreams into reality. Let the restoration begin!

Stirling's Westars will roar once more.

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