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Official Photographer & Filmmaker Announcement

Updated: Aug 12, 2023

We are delighted to announce that we now have an official photographer and filmmaker for the entire Broadway project, Gemma at Esther Morgan Photography & Film!

Gemma has joined as an integral part of the project and will be documenting the Broadway's entire journey from now until grand re-opening night! Our plans together are to capture every piece of restoration work, every change to the building, and every Friends of the Broadway Prestwick event through world-class photography and film. Gemma's final aim is to create a feature-length documentary, following every chapter in the Broadway's story and creating professional mini-documentaries along the way. These mini-documentaries will showcase the people behind the project, the memories of cinema across our community, and the remarkable survival that is the Broadway itself!

Gemma's work is truly incredible, and these absolutely amazing shots were all achieved in just our first few hours of walking through the building! There will still be many more to come and we can't wait to bring you along every step of the way. We are in awe of the first round of images, and hope you enjoy them too!

You can check out Gemma's portfolio at and stay posted with all updates to the Broadway's photo archive right here on our social media accounts! One massive thank you to Gemma for getting involved and joining us on our journey!

Breathing life back into the Broadway, one step at a time!

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