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Building Update: What's in a Name?

Updated: 4 days ago

The answer is - quite a lot. And it was quite a moment to see the Broadway have its name above the door, once again in a glorious shade of red. Be sure to check it out, when you're passing.


As well as a shiny new sign going up, our wider team came together to do a right good spring clean, just in time for us to welcome the community further into the cinema than ever before, on our Open Day.

Once again we opened our doors to the public and welcomed everyone further into the Broadway than ever before. With the entire foyer now cleared and with key pieces of our projection equipment set up, we put some of our plans for the future up on the big screen and got chatting to our visitors.

We also set up a vision board, where visitors could tell us a little more about what they wanted to do, see, and feel in the Broadway, and how they want to be able to engage with us. Thanks to everyone who paid us a visit and took the time to give us their thoughts and ideas!

This weekend was also marked by a very special feature by our friends at The Herald, entitled: "How a Scottish art deco gem was saved by a community". The feature covered a bit of our history, as well as our Key Handover Ceremony and touched upon our plans for the future too!

All in all a very productive weekend! We hope you can make it to the next one...


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