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Broadway Site Tours (Heriot-Watt University)

Updated: Aug 12, 2023

Today we officially welcomed to the Broadway the students of Heriot Watt University taking part in the Collaborative Design Project! Over a dozen students from the Heriot Watt campus in Edinburgh were invited to a site tour of the building itself in advance of their intensive project this week to create visions for the Broadway's future based on your own fantastic feedback!

Every student who visited the Broadway today had a wonderful time witnessing our cinema's history first-hand and absorbing the special atmosphere you can still feel in the Broadway to this day! We would like to thank each and every student who made the trip down and for their enthusiasm and excitement for our project! They started their day learning about dementia friendly design at the RAFA Club with Dementia Friendly Prestwick and subsequently made their way to the Broadway for the tour we would also like to thank Chris from the Projected Picture Trust who came along for the day and helped provide fantastic insight into Scottish cinema history and projectionist knowledge!

We also hosted two virtual site tours during the day, showing the Broadway's interior to the students that could not make it to Prestwick themselves, concluding the virtual walkthrough with an interactive Q&A session. The other virtual site tour we hosted for the students at the Heriot Watt campus in Dubai! Another team of students currently studying in the United Arab Emirates are also working on their own intensive project on the Broadway, and you can see in one of our photographs here the Broadway's history being shown in front of a modern Dubai skyline at the Dubai Knowledge Park in the heart of the city.

We will be posting regular updates throughout the coming weeks from our teams of students in Edinburgh and also Dubai and we can't wait to see what incredible visions they create, and to then share those visions with you! Stay tuned!

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