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Broadway Façade Renovations

Updated: Aug 12, 2023

We have been thrilled to finally start the process of revitalising the Broadway for the community!

To kickstart the Return of the Broadway project our first steps are to make some vital exterior renovations to the façade of the building. In the month of May we have collaborated with a number of local businesses and volunteers to breathe life back into the Broadway for the benefit of the wider community.

The first step was to mark our colours, the front doors of the Broadway have been given a temporary paintjob to brighten up the entrance, coated in Friends of the Broadway Prestwick's signature red. A special thank you goes out to Graeme and the rest of the team at Wright's Home Hardware, for generously donating the paint free of charge, to then be painted by our trustee Kyle Macfarlane, signifying Prestwick's historic cinema entering its next era.

The second very important step was to restore the overhanging canopy above the main entrance, an integral part of the Broadway's façade, years of neglect had left the canopy in bad need of repair and help arrived from another local business. A huge thank you goes out to Vinnie, Hugh and the rest of the team at Ayrshire-based roofing company GM Roofing - Vinnie and Hugh kindly donated their time and resources to fully replace the old canopy, securing the frontage as safe for the foreseeable future.

For the next step we have a number of people to thank for making it possible, the Broadway's façade was finally given some much needed care with a full exterior wash of the frontage! Local companies Spraytech and Pure Wash Scotland collaborated to donate their time and efforts in washing away decades of dirt and dust from the Art Deco façade; huge thanks to both Billy and John for their hard work in breathing life into the old girl once again! Another very special thank you goes out to Kevin at KJB Property Maintenance, Kevin gave up his time, taps and pipework to reconnect the Broadway to the water supply, ensuring the guys at Spraytech and Pure Wash Scotland had the access they needed for the exterior clean.

The enthusiasm and support from the local community and different businesses has been overwhelming and a greater indicator than anything else of the desire and hope for the Broadway to open its doors permanently once again!

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