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Back to the Future Special Recap

Updated: Aug 12

Thank you to everyone who attended last weekend's Back to the Future Special!

Our opening Roadshow event was a wonderful success and after a few days to reflect and recover we are now full steam ahead finalising the schedule for the rest of the summer, with major announcements coming as soon as this weekend!

The Back to the Future trilogy provided the perfect opening event for our new venue Prestwick Academy, which has symbolised a major step forward in our cinema experience. With a 300 seater auditorium, fully-accessible foyer and professional stage and curtain facilities, the Academy will act as the perfect base for our cinema operations until we move into the Broadway itself in the future!

With our new partnership with Indy Cinema Group and the Broadway projectionist's showmanship manual strictly adhered to, we are now able to bring cinema back to Prestwick and back to South Ayrshire with a wonderfully special atmosphere. With every penny of profit made going straight back into the Broadway's preservation and restoration. With Indy's support too, we are incredibly excited to announce that we will be bringing new releases to the Roadshow in the very near future! Yes, that's right, the latest blockbusters are coming to Prestwick!

This is only the beginning! And major announcements are coming soon on the future of the Roadshow and an exciting summer of cinema ahead!

Programme announcements this weekend, anyone?

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