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35mm Design Workshop Held with Academy Board of Directors

Everyone who’s part of the Broadway team understands the HUGE honour it is to don a white coat… it’s the projectionist’s badge of honour!

We were absolutely delighted to welcome our Prestwick Academy Board of Directors to the Broadway's foyer for a 35mm and design workshop! Rosie, Belle, Ivy, and Bex took part in the first ever lesson of the Broadway projection school, learning from our chief and chair Guy Walker the basics of film presentation, including how to splice film, lace up a projector, and start a screening on our restored Cinemeccanica Victoria 5. The pupils also learned about the importance of showmanship in projection, and how the smallest details can make the biggest difference in creating an experience like no other for those in attendance.

Rosie Wallbanks, departing sixth year pupil at Prestwick Academy said:

"Guy’s passion for his profession and enthusiasm to teach made the whole experience so exciting and inspiring. We learned so much about the importance of projectionists and how a great projectionist can make the cinema experience feel like journey to another world entirely.

"Learning how to use a 35mm projector was so interesting and it felt like we were reliving and making history all at once in our home town.

"I hope the Broadway run more hands-on workshops like this to continue to inspire people of all ages and teach them how a projectionist has the power to take cinema to a whole new level."

There is a real nostalgia and romance to analogue film.

Everything from Gone With The Wind to Harry Potter was presented to audiences on this classic forma. Film directors like Stephen Spielberg and Stanley Kubrick would write letters to projectionists to make sure their multi-million-dollar creations were presented to audiences perfectly every time. Projectionists were the last link in a creative chain that stretched all the way back to Hollywood itself.

The Broadway will forge that chain once again.

Passing a lost trade to new generations.

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